Adventures in Creation

Today I created this blog. With a few clicks and taps I created something. It was both exciting and terrifying. Maybe that really is the same feeling when you think about it.

In my life, both personally and professionally, I have found the things worth doing…the things that you really remember, the things that make an impact, are always scary and thrilling.

So here I am, an educator who would have described herself as technology averse (like there was some sort of reverse magnet working between technology and I), about to embark on an adventure to welcome 21st century learners into the Nahani Way Library Learning Commons.

I started this journey almost eight months ago and I have been slowly chipping away. Chipping away at the work that needs to be done to set up and transition the Library, but also chipping away at my bias…my preconceived notions of technology in education, and my part in the bigger picture. Creating something new in the old.

I began back in February as a new Librarian (when the role of the Librarian was drastically changing) in a new school with new staff and a new learning community. Nahani is slowly becoming home. The L.L.C. (Library Learning Commons) is slowly taking shape. This creation from the old to new can also be quite powerful.

I feel excited and terrified.

Something great is about to happen.

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