Out with the older…in with the soon to be old!

In this time of ever-changing technology, it can be really hard to keep up to date. Everything is rapidly changing and before you know it, there is another new sparkly gem charging in the corner of your living room.

One of my biggest challenges in my new role of Librarian has been de-cluttering the L.L.C.. I really want it to feel like an open learning space for all members of our school community, not just “my space”. As I clean sweep the room on a weekly basis, I am always amazed at what I will find. In terms of outdated technology, my most exciting find has been a VHS tape/player and a few cassettes. Until today!

Amongst the endless cords in the computer lab closet, I found an old digital camera. So old that it stores pictures on a floppy disk. A FLOOPY disk.

I am actually excited when I find some of these older technologies. It reminds me that I am capable of learning new things, and although I may not move as fast as the creations appear before me, I can master them with time. The students are going to get a kick out of exploring the cassettes, VHS and now this camera. They will be part of the Maker Space. A reminder that things are always changing. And like technology, we can evolve, improve and grow.IMG_3564

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