Making of a Maker Space: Wish list…dreaming big!

I have been doing so much reading about maker spaces that I am beginning to feel overwhelmed to say the least! There are just so many exciting projects, tools, and tech that you can add. Where should we start…or continue. We are using our lego wall, and the K’Nex stations are going well. Some groups have even used our 3D printer (it’s more in the play/experimental stage…but that is okay). To focus our future goals, I thought I would make a wish list…and dream big!

  1. Velcro Wall – This idea was shared with me by our talented I.C.. She has witnessed children play for hours inventing marble runs. What else could we create…? Here is a link to a library in Philadelphia that has a velcro wall in their space:
  2. Green Screen – Time to make some movies! With apps like Do Ink (, it looks like students can make exciting videos for any subject area.
  3. littleBits – we have a few sets of these amazing circuits in the L.L.C., but in order to get more kids involved in making we would love to have a workshop set (this is where the dreaming comes in). Here is a link to an amazing TED talk about littleBits:
  4. Dash and Dot – amazing programable robots that even kinder kids can use! Learn the fundamentals of robotics and coding. This sounds like something the kids will need to teach me. Here is a link to the Wonder Workshop website:

I have not even added new furniture or new computer tech/tablets! This is a working list, so I plan to add to it as I read on…but I hope to focus my search and begin shaping our amazing space. As we make the changes I will add pictures.


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