New Year…New Learning!

This year I have been so excited with the new learning in the LLC, that I have almost completely forgotten to write and share my experiences.

Even though we are half-way through the month, I think it is still close enough to the beginning of the year to share the new learning I am excited about for 2016.

Here is a list of what I am looking forward to (did you see how I phrased that…no extreme promises to keep!):

  1. Listening to Pod Casts as a way to maximize my commute and connect to the TL community and tech world. Two that I have found interesting – Instructional Tech Talk and The Ed Tech talk
  2. Co-teaching and Co-planning activities with the 3D Printer. Three classes have already started using the printer and I am excited to see where we go. Since we are a K-5 school, it has been a challenge to find software that the children can create with freely. Now, with the ‘3D creationist’ App, they are making amazing things!PicCollage3D Printing


3. Learning alongside my fellow teachers with book talks on inquiry/three part lessons.

4. Working with staff and students to use our new iMacs for editing video. I think the students are going to help us with this one!

5. Seeing our L.L.C. and Maker Space filled every lunch hour with exited students. We are running a knitting club, tech club, and Forest of Reading club. Soon we will include more items to our Maker Club (not just knitting) and a littleBits club for the primary students in Grade 3.

maker sign

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