Thanks for…Everything!

The new year has brought new life into the L.L.C. at Nahani Way. Both staff and students are participating in new learning. To begin the year, staff were interested in learning about the App ‘Explain Everything’.

explain everything

This amazing App has opened a new world to help students explaining their thinking. You can quickly create slides, adding pictures, video, web pages, text…with an overall voice recording! You can find amazing instructional videos right on the company website:

For some of our younger Nahani Eagles, playing with ’30Hands’ has been a great way to record and collect evidence of thinking. It is so easy, even a grown-up can use it! 30Hands_logo_hires

I will be sure to post some student videos ASAP.

We are really looking for new tools to help target thinking skills by making thinking visible in our classrooms. It is our hope that by exploring the use of technology, students will be able to better understand how to explain their thinking using more traditional methods.

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