But…How??…the questions that keep popping up with inquiry!

Since diving into the research and supporting documentation for inquiry-based learning, I am left with many questions. Really, most of us want to know where we should start. There are concerns about curriculum to cover and time spent in the classroom to “get things done”. Then there is the fear of how do we record and assess student learning?

Over the next few months, a few colleagues and I will be testing out some Apps that promise to make recording student learning easy. Making learning visible and making curriculum connections will be key to our success.

Apps that we will try:

  1. With the help of our instructional coach, we will test out the App Sesame Snap (On-line Application- Sesame).


This App has been used with many FLK classes as a way to communicate play-based learning outcomes to parents. Also…not to be confused with the delicious snack food…


2. Many teachers have used mark-book type web-based applications in the past, so the new iDoceo App, although a little pricy, may be right for us. A few of our planning time teachers have used it to keep records of the 200+ students they teach.


If you have any ideas that you can share to help us in our journey, comments are always welcome!

I will update you with the winning App later in the spring.


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