QR codes – gone, but not forgotten?

As many people know, QR codes were really big a few years ago. My husband even put one on our save the date that linked to our wedding website. Then…they sort of went away. Or maybe I just stopped noticing them on packaging or posters.

Today, while collaborating with staff during a lunch and learn, we were chatting about technology that we use in the classroom. A colleague shared a cool App – Plicker – used to create quick multiple choice quizzes for students (or any group of people). As an “exit ticket” she used a QR code to re-direct us to a Google Form.

~ Plickers ~                                           ~i-nigma~

All of these tools we realize can be used in the classroom. Some are forgotten and lost in the haze of report cards and other demands.

Getting together and collaborating reminds us of tools that we once used, and can use again to revitalize our practise. It can help us to  learn new tools and work together to implement something exciting. I am always impressed by the amount of new knowledge I walk away with once I have chatted with my fellow teachers. We can learn so much when we de-privatize our practise.

Tomorrow I am going to sort some of my eResources into QR codes to post in the LLC – something old is new again. Cheers to re-learning!




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