#peel21st March Blog Hop: Collaborating Near & Far

Today, I am participating in my first Blog Hop! Not being a natural writer, I have found starting a blog very challenging. In the spirit of 21st century learning and acquiring a growth-mindset, I have ventured into the blog0shpere with positive results.

From the Blog Hop Page: The ministry recently released 21st Century Competencies: Foundation Document for Discussion  (http://www.edugains.ca/resources21CL/About21stCentury/21CL_21stCenturyCompetencies.pdf) where they discuss 21st Century skills and competencies. We thought the competencies could be a great way to explore the conversation as a community.

Blog Hop Prompt: Share a moment of Collaboration and/or Global Citizenship in your practice

As a new Teacher-Librarian in a (new for me!) school, I have found that Collaboration – specifically establishing positive relationships has been 80% of my job! More and more we are hearing that educators are also learners in the 21st century classroom. To be successful, we need to de-privatize our practice and work collaboratively with one another (teachers and students). I have been working really hard to establish positive relationships with other staff in a hope that they will open up their practice to me and let me join in!

With guidance from our amazing Peel resource teachers (IT and IC), my school has undergone some significant changes with our Library Learning Commons and the transformation of our computer lab (still under construction). We have worked hard to introduce and train staff on a number of instructional technologies that were not widely used previously. When I think of Global Citizenship in terms of engaging in local and global initiatives, I think of the transformative practices that are emerging within my school community. It takes time for real change to shape practice in the classroom, and I have often had to remind myself…”build it, and they will come”.

The moment: I am now working with a class to create video presentations using ‘Explain Everything”. The classroom teacher told me months ago “I just don’t get any of this tech stuff”. She came to me before the March break, questioning her practice and wondering how she could engage the students in a collaborative task that would result in something “she could use for reports”. Before we knew it…WE were collaborating and learning together. I think I may have used the phrase “don’t worry…the kids will teach us that part”…more than once during our planning chats!

Learning new technology ended up being the conduit through which we could build upon our positive relationship, adding to the technological capacity of our staff and students, thus promoting new initiatives within our community. In other words, it was pretty cool!

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5 thoughts on “#peel21st March Blog Hop: Collaborating Near & Far

  1. Amazing first post! Welcome to the world of blogging. I completely agree that we need to de-privatize our practice in order to move the profession forward. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love the emphasis on relationships and conversation Kate. Collaboration is grounded in active listening and sharing isn’t it? Glad to have you with us for the blog hop tonight.


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