New Year…New Learning (Part 2)

In education, we have the opportunity to re-new and re-set twice a year. Back in January I had a chance to reflect on my journey to create the LLC/ Makerspace with goals to work on PD (podcasts and book clubs), 3D printing Apps, iMac video editing and increasing the number of clubs at our school. Looking back, I was able to attain all of these goals…but they all changed as I began to work with students and teachers.

With September around the corner, I find my head swimming with all of the things I would like to accomplish! I thought I would make a quick list of my goals below and send it out to the universe…this way I can be held somewhat accountable!

New (School) Year…New learning for all at Nahani Way. Here are my top five goals for 2016/17.

  1. Continue to transform the old computer lab into a Maker Space, and have a contest to get the kids to name it! One of my new planning time roles will be to facilitate Makertechnology teaching and this new space will be open for us to explore, create and share.
  2. With this new space there will be so many projects to share, we will need to open up our space to the entire school community with a Mini Maker Faire during our interview evening. It is my hope that this will also lead into another event for Education Week (April 2017) as well (but I don’t want to get ahead of myself!).Maker Man.png
  3. Professional Development will be on-going as always, but I am really interested in expanding our schools use of GaFE. googleI have signed up for a Google Summit in October and I have already planned some lunch and learns for early in the fall. This will be something that I have our students work on in tech class too!
  4. Robots, Robots, Robots – one thing that I learned last year is that I do not know very much about teaching with robots…yet (#GrowthMindset). I am looking forward to adding 6 Sphero robots to the mix. SperoIn my role as T.L., I am hoping to co-teach and co-plan math lessons in the LLC using our new friends.



5. Lastly, who doesn’t love the idea of harnessing games for engagement in the classroom? I have asked my ITRT to help me on the journey to learning more about Minecraft, and there are a few eager Grade 4 teacher who are willing to join us on the ride!


Bonus Goal – add to our ‘traditional maker’ activities with sewing and quilting, with some community involvement if possible. quiltThis will be a team effort with some ICs in our family of schools, applied to some of the training we have done for #EngageMath in PDSB.


I have most definately bitten off more than I can chew here, but I enjoy a challenge! When faced with all of this new learning I get very excited, and my hope is that this excitement will be contagious.

Enjoy the new year, everyone!

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