Panic, Pause…Practice.

OH NO!! Blog newbie…never published this two weeks ago! With the new year started, I will create a post with September up-dates. Time flies! 

Wow! Having just spent the last three days in learning mode at the Peel ‘Teaching and Learning in a Digital World’ (#TLDW2016) conference, my brain feels like mush. Maybe mush isn’t quite the right description, as it does not give you the sense of the overwhelming panic, anxiety and looming inadequacy one feels after taking in such awesomeness. By awesomeness, I mean the truly awe-inspiring sharing from my own colleagues as they opened up their practice.

Similar to many experiences in life, I have come to learn that for me there are three ‘Stages of PD’ where I transition from total panic to serene #GrowthMindset. I realize that there are usually at least 10 stages, but it is the end of August and school starts in September. Who has time for anything more that 3 steps at this point?

I want to let you in on my inner dialogue on Day 2 of #TLDW2016. A day filled with break-out sessions and talks from leaders in educational reform and pedagogy. This day was spent in what I can ‘Panic Mode’, the initial ‘Stage of PD’ where I feel helpless and inadequate. In awe of the world around me with no idea how I fit into it.

ME: These are REAL people and teachers in my own board?! How can I ever do this in an actual classroom with actual kids in it.

Self: Kate – you know how to use many of these tools, remember to just focus on one new thing.

ME: One thing! There are 1 million new tech coding tools to learn…and this person (Ruthie Sloan) is doing all of them in FDK. I need one of those brown bags to breath in.

Self: Kate – remember how you taught your daughter Sphero? Just try ONE new thing.

That is my take away – Just one NEW thing – baby steps, while still trying to perfect all of the new things I used last year. Integrate and perfect, fail…learn…repeat. I am looking forward to starting this new year. More overwhelmed now about the possibilities, but I have a plan to start small.



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