The Power of Public Celebration

This blog post will mark only my second this school year – and the first in 2017! It has been a wild year of new learning in tech, with the year flying by. Last night marked the final ‘Grand Finale’ and completion for the Primary STEM club that has been running at our school this year. It was amazing to see all of the Gr. 3 students and their high school mentors show their learning to the crowds that gathered.

File_000 (33)

Leading up to the event I was very worried about how the kids would react to the very public display that ballooned into the gathering of the year at our school. Earlier in the day our supportive administration shared encouraging words to calm our nerves. Others shared words of encouragement and staff volunteered their time and energy to help out.

About 30 minutes into the event my mind was at ease. I realized the power of public celebration. An event such as this highlighted what the students had done all year – people were not there to analyse organization or critique the validity of what was being shared. By internalizing everything that could “go wrong” I almost missed the magic of everything that went right.

It will be a night twenty 9 years olds (and 16-18 year olds!) will never forget. They had the Mayor of Mississauga (Bonnie Crombie) and the Director of Education (Tony Pontes), along with many other educational leaders in our community attend an event that celebrated THEM. Bringing it back to the kids is what made me pause and set aside my fears.

Seeing the smiles on the faces of our students and their families made it all worth it – the Power of Public Celebration builds community that will send ripples throughout the school.

My hope is that others are able to see the power of public celebration at their own Education Week events this week!

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