Insights of a Mom who just can’t let go…of the classroom!

On September 1st, 2017 I was not eagerly awaiting the beginning of a new school year, but the overdue (VERY overdue…2 weeks, 2 days) arrival of my son, Finn. After hours spent with the waves of joy and staring in awe at the miracle before me – my thoughts went immediately to ‘oh no…his birthday will always fall on the weekend before school’, ‘I will need to be better at planning out my school prep and …’ more of the same. Since the panic of his birth date, I have struggled to let go of the classroom in more ways than one…

  • writing a 20 page transition paper for the teacher taking over the LLC at Nahani Way
  • joining a book club
  • participating in inquiry work with amazing TL’s in PDSB
  • book buying for my new school, Whaley’s Corners P.S. (but who would not want to do this!)
  • and buying 3 other professional books – just so I don’t ‘lose touch’

Striking a balance is hard for any teacher entangled in the trappings of family life. I have had many times in my career when I have had to take a step back and re-evaluate the value that I (and my students) were getting. Being stretched too thin is not good for anyone!

This time I think I have a way to ‘hack’ my need to be everywhere at once…my desire to be the best Mom AND teacher – let’s see if I can merge the two in terms of the underlying philosophies that connect to my core beliefs.

For this task I am employing the wise words of Janet Lansbury, reading her book on ‘Elevating Child Care: A guide to respectful parenting‘ and I am hoping to connect it to our current work in Peel around self-regulation and the Kinder/Primary work with loose parts. It is my desire to gain new insight that will both inform my practice and my parenting (and keep me ‘in the loop’).

Sharing connections and new learning soon…but not too soon as I am enjoying this wonderful time at home with my beautiful children:)


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